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Bells & Whistles and FlashBack Photography

Booking Form

Interested in our services? Get in touch with us via the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Prep required?*
Are you providing photographers with a meal? *
Are you the legal guardian of any children in the bridal party? *
Do you consent to images of your children being used for advertising purposes*
I am booking the following package*
*Disclaimer – I have given the correct information to the best of my knowledge. - CHANGES; Should your date change, you must give FlashBack Photography at least 2 months’ notice to your date and understand that there will be a fee of £100 to change the date. If FlashBack Photography is not available for my new date, should it change, then you cannot hold FlashBack Photography liable for this and understand that your deposit will be lost. If you have booked an offer or received a discount on a package you may be charged the full package price should you change your date. You must notify FlashBack Photography of any changes to the schedule or any change of addresses. This must be done in writing (letter, facebook message, email or text).*
VIEWING WORK I am happy to book FlashBack photography based on their work portfolio that I have viewed online or by viewing portfolio albums. I am happy with the style and creative views I have seen in FlashBack Photography’s portfolios and online albums. Requests to imitate other photographers' work will not be carried out.*
-BOOKING FEE ; Your booking fee is non-refundable. You have a 28 day cooling off period after signing this document in which you are entitled to change your mind and receive a full refund of the booking fee.*
EXTRA TIME Please ensure you have booked enough hours to cover the duration of your photography needs. You may pre-book extra hours and add them to your package at a flat rate of £75 per hour. Should the duration of our stay exceed what has been agreed at time of booking by longer than a 15 minute period please be aware that you will be billed for each additional hour at a rate of £100 per hour which must be paid when collecting your photographs. Please be aware that your images will not be released until full payment has been settled. Should our hours exceed the contracted time you will be sent proof in the format of the very last image taken showing the time stamp.*
- ILLNESS ; In the event of illness where photographers become unavailable, a full refund will be issued and FlashBack Photography will not be held liable. This event would be highly unlikely as there are 5 photographers working for FlashBack Photography. Should photographers become delayed due to road closures, severe traffic or tragedy, FlashBack Photography will not be held liable. -CANCELLEATION; If you cancel your wedding date with less than 2 months’ notice you will still be held responsible for paying the full balance. Should you pay your balance off before the agreed upon date this will become non-refundable.*
MEALS; You are under no obligation to provide the photographers with food. However, while you are having your wedding breakfast or buffet the photographers will take a break to have their own food. No photos will be taken during your meal time. If you decide to provide the photographers with a meal, as generous a gesture as this is please refrain from adding them to your seating plan. This is because the photographers carry a lot of equip*
- IMAGE PRIORITY; The photographers will do their very best to ensure that all your guests are included in your photographs. However it is not always possible to include everybody due to heavy numbers of guests, natural images being unflattering due to talking and sometimes we are often met with resistance to taking images of some guests. With regards to group shots, the photographers will attempt to take the group shot of all your guests immediately after the ceremony. In some instances this is not always possible due to location and space. As always, our main priority will remain you, our customers and bridal party. We are happy to be approached by your guests requesting family and group photographs. However, our priority will remain you, our client, throughout the entire day and your photographs of you and your immediate family and bridal party will be prioritised over any others when it comes to fulfilling your image count in your package*
SAFETY AND JOB PERFORMANCE -You will be provided with 2 photographers who will be your official photographers. We request that you inform your guests that you have hired professionals and would like them to refrain from taking images on their cameras and phones especially during specific times including walking down the aisle, signing of the register, cake cutting. In the instance of “guest photographers” interfering with our official images we will ask them politely to step back. If we are continuously prevented from doing our job efficiently and safely we will have no option but to leave the wedding immediately. If we are threatened or receive abusive remarks and comments of a sexual or derogative nature we will leave immediately. If you would like us to provide you with signage to inform your guests that you do not wish them to take photos during your official photo time or during your ceremony. This is known as an “unplugged wedding*
- OUTSIDE VIDEO If you have booked a separate videographer, please inform them that you have official photographers and should they bring an assistant to take photographs they will not be permitted to do so. -YOUR USB; When receiving your USB or disc of images, if you have any extras in your package including albums, canvases or prints, you must select your images from the disc. You will be provided with a care sheet to explain how to order your extras. If given a disc, please note that this will not work on a dvd player. It is formatted as a USB and will only work on laptops or computers that support this format. Please be aware that when purchasing prints from outside companies, some companies will not produce the high quality that you see on the disc or usb. This is down to colour balancing and print quality and not down to an issue with your images. We are happy to recommend suitable print companies should you wish to purchase prints elsewhere*
-RESTRICTIONS; Please be aware that at some venues, churches especially, we are often restricted from taking images or using flash photography during your ceremony. We cannot be held responsible for any restrictions or limitations put upon us by your officiator. *
- EDITING During the months of November – March you must allow FlashBack Photography 8-10 weeks to edit and return your images. During the months of April – October the turnaround time may increase to 10-12 weeks. If your package includes prints, albums, canvases etc please note that you will be expected to choose these images from your disc or USB. These will then be completed 14-21 days after you have chosen the images you want to complete your order. This time is likely to increase to a variable timescale of which we cannot estimate during the months of November and December as our publishers are very busy with Christmas orders. You will have up to one year from collecting your disc or USB to choose your extras. Images will be edited in the style the photographer believes is correct (for example, images that are converted into black and white are done so for the optimal look) for the images and represents the consistent brand and style of FlashBack Photography. Any additional editing that you would like carried out will be charged at £5 per image(converting from black and white back to colour etc). FlashBack Photography do not accept requests for alterations to appearance with the exception to spot or blemish removal which will be done automatically. FlashBack Photography will not brush out tattoos or edit an image to make your appearance change, for example be made slimmer, taller, creating facial lines etc.*
COPYRIGHT Clients are to understand that they are not to edit images given to them by FlashBack Photography. No filters or retouches are to be added to completed images. Images will be presented on disc or USB copyright free for clients to print as they please. FlashBack Photography retain copyright of all images of your wedding. A mini album of your wedding will be posted on our official Facebook Page with your consent. You will be notified as soon as this online album goes live. If there are any reasons why you would not wish for your photos to be posted or used online please specify at booking. If booked online, please add into the “additional information”. RAW and original images will never be handed over to the client.*
APPEARANCE Please be aware that photographers wear a uniform. This consists of the following variations; black t-shirt, black or white vests, black hanky vests, grey/pink hooded jacket – all consisting of our name and logo. We aim not to blend in with your guests to discourage “guest photographers”. The uniform is also practical. Please remember that we need to be warm and comfortable as we spend a lot of time outside, sometimes sitting and kneeling on the ground to capture images and climbing on surfaces and higher grounds to get your images. This means we need to dress comfortably and practically. We will always be well presented but will not dress in formal attire. *
OUR VIDEO If booking videography services please note that this is done at a very basic level. Recordings are made in HD and will be placed onto a DVD in which you can expect DVD quality.*
PRIVACY We may wish to use your images for advertising purposes on social media. Do you give permission for us to do so? *
Do you give us permission to upload a preview of your images on our facebook page and website?*
Do you give us permission to use your images in our portfolios, posters, business cards and other promotional or marketing material? YES/NO*
Any information provided on this form will never be shared with any third party companies. We may need to contact you to remind you of when you have upcoming appointments or when a balance is due. We need to have your consent to do this.*
Preferred method of contact*
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Thanks for sending us your form! Please note that no wedding date is secure without the required deposit

Contact Information

FlashBack Photography

Bells & Whistles

07415 280078


Unit K2,

Britannia Enterprise Centre

Blackwood, NP12 3SP

All personal information provided on this booking form will never be shared with any third parties. Your information will be stored securely in a locked cabinet and any digital copies of this information will be password protected. We will retain your information and images for 6 years in which you will be able to obtain copies should you misplace or damage your original items. After that period any paper copies will be shredded and destroyed and digital information and images will be permanently deleted and non retrievable. You will receive a photocopy of this document upon booking. Should you misplace this document and require a replacement you must call in to store to collect a new copy, When your photographs and any additional items in your package are complete, you must collect these in person. If you require any items posted please note that this can only be done through a tracked service that will require a signature upon collection. Any information provided on this form will never be shared with any third party companies.